Premier Mobile Community for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Client: Yonder Date: 2014 Site: yonder.it

Yonder, a vibrant community of outdoor enthusiasts, came to Intrepid to build their Android app to complement their existing iOS app. While much of the functionality is possible to achieve across both platforms, the Intrepid team went to great lengths to ensure an identical user experience. With more than 20 activity types to choose from, adventure lovers can take and post photos, comment on others’ experiences and discover new places.

Custom Scrubber.

To emulate the existing iOS scrubber, Intrepid developed a custom scrubber for Android that allows for frame-by-frame selection of videos. Due to the complexity of the process, upon completion we released an open-source Android scrubber.

Map Clustering.

Using the Google Library Map Utils, Intrepid added a custom view to each cluster of location points.