Yoga By Numbers

If you can count, you can learn yoga.

Client: Yoga By Numbers Date: Spring 2015 Site:

Intrepid worked with Yoga by Numbers, a company that aims to make yoga accessible to all fitness levels through a proprietary teaching mat. Over the course of a Design & Discovery engagement ahead of iOS development, Intrepid and Yoga by Numbers built a content delivery app that encourages high user engagement and retention.

Strong Onboarding Funnel

As a program for beginners testing yoga for a variety of medical and health reasons, Yoga by Numbers delivers personalized content recommendations based on users’ individual needs.

Video Content Delivery System

Yoga By Numbers brings its users fresh educational content in the form of short videos to encourage growth in individual practices, while providing detailed videos on each pose.

On-Demand Content

Users can practice yoga anytime in the comfort of their own home or hotel room with the app’s video content.

In-app Purchases

In addition to a significant amount of free content, users are able to purchase additional videos and content within the app.