Thread Group

The very best way to connect and control products in the home.

Client: Thread Group Date: Spring 2015 Site:

Thread, a new wireless mesh network standard for the home and connected products, partnered with Intrepid to build a sample commissioning app for Android and iOS. Born out of frustration, the Thread Group is a consortium of companies that includes Nest, Samsung, and Silicon Labs, who plan to fundamentally simplify the connected home. Launching in July, Thread is designed for a variety of home products and supports multiple popular application layer protocols and platforms, making integration simple and easy. Working from the ground up, Intrepid architected and built the API for the Commissioning Core, implemented multiple complex libraries, and designed a beautiful application.

API & Commissioning Core

The Commissioning Core is an application that enables users to add devices on the Thread Network and manage settings. This communication is achieved through an implementation of Thread Group’s MeshCop Protocol and IoTivity’s existing COAP implementation. Written in C and C++, the commissioning core leverages the code in both iOS and Android, allowing for the Android Java code and native C code to communicate with each other.

Underlying Libraries

Libraries used in MeshCop include the TinyDTLS, LibCOAP, and Iotivity. The TinyDTLS library ensures security for UDP protocol, while LibCOAP and IoTivity simplify the COAP implementation. Additionally, the ZXing library was employed for barcodes and QR Codes, so users can easily scan and add new devices to the network.


Using iOS and Android design protocols, Intrepid quickly crafted an elegant application for both platforms. The beautiful design elevates the underlying value that the Thread Group’s technology enables.