Silicon Labs

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Client: Silicon Labs Date: Spring 2015 Site:

As a provider of hardware and source code for Internet of Things (IOT) companies, Silicon Labs is comfortable helping their customers solve tough challenges. Silicon Labs sought out Intrepid for our expertise in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLTE) to integrate with their newest hardware chip and showcase the ease of use and mobile compatibility with their chips.

Ingenuity Under Deadlines

Without a hardware chip to test on, due to manufacturing and release timelines, our mobile team researched and found existing products that leveraged similar BLE standards, including a healthcare thermometer. To prove our code would work with the chip when it arrived, we programmed our software to work with 3rd-party hardware chips. Upon delivery of Silicon Labs’ chips, the source code worked as if it had been programmed for their exact chip.

Showcase Breadth of Functionality

To highlight the many ways the chip could be used, Intrepid built Silicon Labs several mini demo apps, including a Bluetooth-enabled thermometer, a retail beacon app alternative to iBeacon, and a key fob location app.

Bluetooth Low Energy Reliance

Intrepid further solidified our own expertise in BLTE as Silicon Lab hardware chips interact with iOS devices over Bluetooth Low Energy.