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Client: Sensedriver Date: Winter 2015 Site:

Sensedriver, maker of the state-of-the-art heads-up driving display “SenseHud,” came to Intrepid to develop their voice-activated Android app. The SenseHud, a replacement for traditional hand-held navigation, pairs safety and ease of use through a reflected display, voice activation, and clean design. The Android app allows users to navigate, make and answer phone calls, and send text messages via custom speech recognition software.

Speech Recognition

Utilizing Google’s speech library, Intrepid wrote a custom speech identification software that allows users to interact with the app in a natural and flexible way.

Context Sensitive Commands

Since the app solely uses voice control, Intrepid developed a unique manner to track and navigate the different states, screens, and functionality.

3rd Party Libraries

Intrepid utilized Ivona, a text to speech library, and customized Skobbler, a map library, to create a distinct brand image for Sensedriver.

Custom Layout

As opposed to using a standard XML layout, Intrepid built a custom layout, allowing the system to operate with more complex designs and animations.

Hardware Integration

Intrepid utilized Bluetooth Low-Energy to communicate with the SenseHud hardware to create a seamless user experience.