In-home care support for high-risk elders

Client: Seniorlink Date: December 2012 Site:

Seniorlink provides in-home care support for high-risk elders and adults with physical disabilities through Medicare. Seniorlink offers the tools and training dedicated caregivers need to care for elders in-home and continue living safely. Intrepid and Seniorlink partnered to build a family of mobile applications that simplify and digitize the traditional care management processes, from the initial medical work-up through routine recurring health assessments.

Tablet Optimized

Intrepid optimized the Seniorlink in-home care app for specific tablet hardware, speeding up development and allowing design to be more deliberate.

Dynamic Content

The questions that make up the in-home assessment can be controlled by Seniorlink administrators, and the app is flexible enough to allow for new survey questions and workflows without having to change the software on the tablet.

Streamlined Risk Management

By using a mobile application in lieu of paper and traditional websites, Seniorlink is able to not only speed up the assessment process, but can also analyze risks in real time for issues such as falls and medication complications.