Collaborative playlists perfect for all gatherings

Client: Intrepid Pursuits Date: Spring 2015 Site: qup.fm

Qup, a collaborative playlist, allows a group of friends to queue their favorite music to a single stereo. Designed and developed by Intrepid, Qup is great for parties and informal gatherings, whether it’s a long road trip or a Thursday night at your apartment.

Leveraging Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) and iBeacons.

Through BTLE and the help of iBeacons, Qup alerts you of nearby playlists even when the app isn’t running.

Apple Watch Compatibility

Playlists and track names are just a glance away, thanks to Qup’s Apple Watch app.

Spotify SDK & API Integrations.

Using the Spotify SDK and API, Qup allows searching and playback of the entire Spotify catalog.