Refreshingly accessible home automation

Client: Procter & Gamble Date: Summer 2016 Site: febrezehome.com/

Procter & Gamble selected Intrepid as their software development partner because of our expertise working with Thread, as well as our broad knowledge and experience of the IoT and connected device space. We developed and designed an app for P&G’s Febreze Home smart air freshener. Fortune magazine hailed the device and app as, "opening up the connected home to a wider audience,” and P​C Mag​called the Febreze Home one of “The Smartest Connected Home Products at CES 2016.”

Internet of Things (IoT) Expertise

The Febreze Home app connects with WiFi as well as Thread technology. Intrepid is a versatile partner for IoT devices.

Intuitive Design

Thanks to the intuitive user experience, it’s little wonder that the Febreze Home app has been recognized as making home automation more accessible.

Fully Featured

Readouts and control for devices; tank fullness, temperature, humidity, motion and LED lights. The app lets users create a schedule as well as integrate with Nest products for optimal dispersal of scent

Designed for Users

The app features a survey to assist users with finding the perfect home scent.