Auto service made simple

Client: Openbay Date: April - October 2012 Site:

Openbay is a marketplace for auto maintenance, allowing vehicle owners to easily solicit quotes for service or repairs from local mechanics. Openbay asked Intrepid to assist them with their mobile strategy, a critical component of their launch. With the app, Openbay users can perform all the functions Openbay offers on the go.

Square SDK Integration.

Openbay uses Square for credit card processing, and Intrepid integrated their SDK to allow users to enter and securely save their credit card information.

Intelligent Search.

A challenge facing Openbay was classifying the many service varieties available, and making the options specific enough to allow mechanics to properly bid on the repair. Intrepid implemented an intuitive plain text search and browsing mechanism to solve this problem.


Intrepid worked directly with Openbay as they developed their RESTful API, and used tools like RestKit to ensure that the client-server communication was robust and fault-tolerant.

Push Notifications.

When auto repair shops submit bids, it’s important that the user is notified so they can respond to or accept the bid. Intrepid used UrbanAirship, a third-party APNS provider to deliver notifications to the Openbay app.