The Future of CAD

Client: Onshape Date: 2014 - 2015 Site: onshape.com

Onshape, a company that is revolutionizing CAD software, leverages Intrepid’s mobile design and development expertise to bring real-time collaborative CAD to mobile devices. The iOS and Android applications allow users to design new parts, build large assemblies, manage release processes, and collaborate across multiple platforms around the world in real time.

Software Release Train.

Under the ‘Software Release Train’ methodology, the mobile teams deliver an updated app to the iTunes and Google Play Stores every 3 weeks. Any new features or fixes from the last sprint are then available to consumers.

Multiple Version Support.

As the web team implements any server changes, the mobile teams work to ensure that all previous iTunes and Google Play app store versions continue to function as expected.

Automated Testing.

Intrepid has built a series of automated tests that routinely monitor code health, allowing for ongoing maintainability and refactoring with ease.

Complex UX Challenges.

CAD has traditionally been a desktop application, and Intrepid worked with Onshape to bring the best practices of mobile user interface design to long-held practices of the CAD industry.