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Client: Ecovent Date: Winter 2015 Site:

Ecovent, the CES 2015 Automation Product of the Year which delivers complete room-by-room climate control, came to Intrepid with an early homegrown proof of concept prototype and some rich usability insights in hand. Intrepid was challenged to help them bring focus, clarity, and aesthetic beauty to the mobile controls of their next generation intelligent home zoning system.

Onboarding Optimization

The vent system requires a series of installation steps for vents, router, sensors and room configuration. -Intrepid developed a simple step-by-step app flow to not only ease the onboarding process but provide clear pathways for engaged, experienced repeat users.

Room by Room Temperature Control

A comprehensive blueprint, app flow, and architecture for the user experience was designed to coherently organize the app functionality and intuitively enable users to control the room by room temperature.

Visual Design Exploration

Once the backbone of the interface design had been created, Intrepid was able to explore a range of impactful treatments, refine, iterate and finally define the polished visual language of the entire app.