A Revolutionary Time-Tracking Application

Client: Chronability Date: Spring 2015 Site:

The team at Chronability, an innovative time tracking app, sought out Intrepid for strategy, design and development of their iOS and Apple Watch apps. Chronability allows users to specify desired lengths of upcoming tasks, measure actual length of tasks and reward efficient users with blocks of free time. Released in conjunction with the Apple Watch, Chronability has quickly grown a loyal user base of time tracking aficionados.

Built in Swift.

The Intrepid team built the Chronability app in Swift to leverage Apple’s progressive programming language.

Apple WatchKit.

Intrepid implemented a WatchKit extension to create a companion application for the Apple iWatch available on launch day.

Data Synchronization.

Undeterred by the limited communication capabilities between iOS and Watch apps at launch, Intrepid was able to build a synchronization framework between both devices and the backend to create a seamless user experience.

Custom Gestures.

To take full advantage of Apple Watch functionality, we created custom gestures that enhanced the user experience.