Connecting the City

Client: Bridj Date: Spring 2014 Site:

Bridj, the world's first smart transit system that leverages big data to serve mass transit needs, approached Intrepid when it came time to build their initial iOS offering. Bridj runs multiple bus routes in the Boston area that complement existing public transportation by focusing on common, yet underserved, routes. Intrepid and Bridj worked on an accelerated timeline to ship a product to the Apple App Store in under one month.


Along with the initial iOS app, Intrepid also built Bridj’s backend in Rails. The backend infrastructure houses user details and purchase history.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

While the initial service area focuses on the Boston metro area, the app can support the addition of new routes or dynamically change existing routes based on demand.

Stripe SDK Integration

Bridj uses Stripe for credit card processing, and Intrepid integrated their SDK to allow users to enter and securely save their credit card information. Bus tickets can be purchased easily and securely in one click, right through the app.

Secure Ticketing

We implemented an image-based ticketing system that generates a unique moving pattern on the screen to avoid ticketing fraud.