A Public Radio Experience for Mobile

Client: WBUR  Date: Fall 2016  Site: http://www.wbur.org/

In order to retain their mobile audience and not lose potential donors to other podcast and streaming audio apps, WBUR needed an improved, reliable live stream and mobile listening experience. WBUR partnered with Intrepid to replace their existing, templated mobile solution. Furthermore, because public radio is powered by listener donations, it was essential that the mobile app had a frictionless donation process to encourage donations.

Listening Experience at the Core

The key purpose of the WBUR app is to provide a fluid and streamlined listening experience. Intrepid put audio front and center; upon opening the app users are one click away from live programming. The home screen features large visuals of programs and podcasts that encourage listeners to explore and subscribe.

Proprietary Streaming Solution

Proprietary Streaming Solution Intrepid built an improved live and on-demand streaming experience. Users can seamlessly scrub and skip to the desired section of the segment, and iPhone users can skip to the beginning of a live stream to catch up on any part of the story that they missed.


WBUR needed a simple donation process that encouraged listeners to support the radio station without losing listener interest. Instead of requiring listeners to input credit card information, listeners’ donations are charged to their phone bill in order to create a frictionless donation process.

User Experience Research

Intrepid conducted research on the habits of users of radio and news organization apps to gain an understanding of the types of features to prioritize. With these learnings in mind, Intrepid explored multiple mobile concepts in order to determine the appropriate solution for WBUR. The result was an app built for on-the-go listening.