A Curated M-Commerce Solution

Client: Newbury Comics Date: Spring 2012 Site:

Iconic New England record store Newbury Comics enlisted Intrepid’s help in conceiving an engaging m-commerce iOS app that encourages vinyl sales. Over the course of a Design and Discovery product strategy session Intrepid designed a mobile solution that blended elements of the physical record store with the convenience of online shopping. 

Curated Vinyl Offerings

Instead of simply taking the traditional record store structure—one where vinyl selections are presented and sorted by genre—and applying it to a virtual, digital medium, Intrepid chose to leverage the major draw of brick and mortar record stores: staff knowledge. By implementing curated vinyl offerings with staff picks and themed lists the app could promote music discoverability and harness the staff’s musical expertise.

An Homage To Collector Culture

The app design takes into account the fun of a real-life crate digging experience by highlighting album artwork. Furthermore, because limited and exclusive releases are a major draw for Newbury Comics, Intrepid designed a label system to clearly denote special attributes and make it simple to discover rare finds.

Release Notifications

Notifications for Releases Users can opt in for notifications for discounts, new exclusive vinyl, shipment, and updates from artists they follow. Plus, by connecting their Spotify account users can receive personalized recommendations.