Intrepid is an end-to-end digital product strategy, design and development company founded in 2010, with offices in Cambridge, MA and Union Square, NYC.

With expertise in product strategy, design thinking, user-experience design/research, and impeccable development for iOS, Android, Back-end, Web, and embedded systems, we will help bring clarity to any omni-channel product vision.

With over 125 people across our two locations, Intrepid brings a diverse breadth of knowledge and insight to every solution we devise. Find out more about our Team.


Intrepid specializes in bringing digital products to market, especially those with a consumer end-user focus. We believe that creating successful products means understanding both the business aims as well as the market context. Over the past seven years, we have developed and refined our processes to build the best digital products for our partners.


The first step in working together is understanding the digital product lifecycle and understanding where you are. 




Every great product starts as a problem to be solved. At Intrepid, we have a dedicated team of Product Strategists who work closely with clients that are in early product development stages. We always begin with defining the problem to ensure concept ideation revolves around a fitting and appropriate solution.


Design Sprints are one- to three-week engagements that leverage a structured ideation process originally devised by Google Ventures. Our strategists will work with your stakeholders to visualize and validate your product.


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At Intrepid, many of our engagements begin by defining a core problem and then articulating the solution with a bold and unique app concept. Our proprietary Discovery and Design engagement will take you from problem to prototype in 30 days. You’ll come away with the app concept, user stories, app flow, wireframes, visual design and an estimate for development— everything you need to tell the why, what, and how of your app to gather buy-in from key stakeholders and make it a reality.


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Once all requirements have been gathered, the next step is to create detailed designs. Intrepid’s team of designers is highly trained in both user experience and user interface design. We pride ourselves on creating applications that are not just highly functional, but beautiful.

Additionally, Intrepid offers services to help redesign existing products, as well as create new brands using our best-in-class Design Sprint processes.


Our two-week branding sprint leverages our Design Sprint methodology, exploring the context of your company, your audience, and your criteria for success. We’ll generate several concepts to complement your identity. Those concepts are combined into deliverables which can then be used to enhance your future product.


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Intrepid’s development expertise spans several functional areas. Our front-end mobile teams specialize in native iOS and Android development, while our web team excels in backend systems, front-end web development with Javascript frameworks, hybrid mobile development in React native, and systems integrations. We also have dedicated experts in IoT technologies, firmware, VR/AR technology, virtual assistants, and security.


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Our delivery teams have Quality Assurance analysts at every stage of the process, because we believe quality is central to a successful product, and that a high-quality product is not optional. We set aside time for testing, polishing, and refining for every product developed in-house.

Intrepid also offers code audits and ad-hoc design and development services clients who approach us at the end of their product lifecycle.



Intrepid’s clients know they can count on our team, even after product launch. We have a dedicated maintenance team to ensure your products are secure and bug-free. We also recognize the importance of being technologically relevant; Intrepid can help you utilize the latest frameworks and platform advances so your product stays up-to-date.

We also offer maintenance services for existing products.


If you like what you see, please reach out to us and we'd love to get in touch with you!